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Our Brand Story

Passion and Dedication in All We Do

As brother and sister growing up, we delighted in the tasty nutrition of Plant-Based Food at home. We had always wanted more people to enjoy this same goodness.

Today, we are able to fulfil this aspiration through the Saute Group. “Saute” evokes appetite appeal, while our Chinese name 素特 stands for Extraordinary Plant-Based Food. It is our utmost desire to push culinary boundaries, making our food better each time. Saute embodies what we set out to pursue –

It’s not just Plant-Based Food. It’s also crafted with Passion and Dedication for the extra goodness.

It’s not just the food we take. It’s also giving back to Mother Earth for future generations.

It’s not just a restaurant. It’s also a community of believers to inspire more people.

The list goes on.

At Saute, good is simply not good enough. It has to be accomplished with Passion and Dedication because things that are done with the whole heart can be felt.

Our Brand Vision

To inspire communities to make healthier, greener food choices as part of their lifestyle and diet in Asia.

Our Brand Mission

Working with passion and dedication to offer nutritious and sustainable Plant-Based Food to those who embrace healthful eating.

June 2021

Saute Sushi at Paya Lebar Square

June 2019

Flavours By Saute at Funan Mall

Apr 2018

Saute-san at

City Square Mall

Mar 2016

Saute at Bugis Cube (Now Ceased)

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